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Vegan Success! Healing Success Stories

January 22nd, 2015 by Trisha

I have seen story after story of people conquering disease, losing weight and just plain getting healthy on a vegan diet, or a raw food diet. Here are some of my favorite healing success stories.

How The Raw Food Diet Saved My Life

John Kohlers Story

John Kohler was on his death bed praying to God for some kind of answer. He found it in the raw food diet.

John has gone on to spread his message of better health through multiple websites and youtube channels like okraw and growing your greens, and boy does he have a knack for teaching. I love everything he has to say. Heres what John eats every day on a raw food diet.  The Raw Life Health show published this video. If you want more raw food diet videos than you can possibly watch, check out their channel

She Healed Herself of Breast Cancer with a Vegan Diet

Ruth Heidrich’s Story

Chris Wark interviews Ruth about her experience with breast cancer, her diet change and RUNNING. Shes won 900 trophies including IRON MAN, all this after breast cancer. She did it by following Dr McDougalls diet, and eventually went raw, because it was easier. She also has published her quick Vegan Daily Meal Plan

What Happened To Us After 4+ Years On A Raw Food Diet

Paul and Yulia Tarbath’s Story

Within DAYS they started to see positive changes from a multitude of health problems with a raw food diet.

then of course theres my favorite success story… Annette Larkins

Can You Guess Her Age? — Raw Vegan Diet Is Woman’s Fountain of Youth

Anette Larkins Story

What I’ve Learned After 30+ Years on a Raw Food Diet

What Robert Lockhart has to say about a raw food diet

Dr. Robert Lockhart developed arthritis in his 20s. He was athritis free in 3 months of a raw food diet. One more thing… hes almost 70 here. Its not a straight success story, but he has some interesting ideas on exercise and drugs.

Thats so funny, I was just thinking the other day while doing yoga, theres something really good about being upside down. It reminded me of my highschool gymnastic days

Here are a handful of other raw food testimonials

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