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The Chart That Started it all

March 16th, 2013 by Trisha

This website began from a simple chart made by me. The vegetable nutrition chart was based off a garden vegetable layout that I designed for our nursery. I was gung-ho, researching whole and raw foods and wanted to know how healthy each of the vegetables were in the design. I was surprised to learn that each vegetable has a specific medicinal value, many of them warding off cancer. So, all we have to do is eat healthy foods to be healthy? Imagine that. Quit some of the bad habits, get enough exercise and the most important one… BE HAPPY, and we can be on the road disease free living, without even leaving our own backyard.

vegetable nutrition chart

You can download the full pdf of this chart on our nursery website.  And while youre there, grab the vegetable garden layout!


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